Why Your CBD Business Needs A Blog

These days, virtually any kind of business has a website. This is especially true for a company that offers most of its services and products online, such as a CBD business.

Unfortunately, having a website is not enough to stand out from the crowd and attract customers. This is where content marketing can help, with blogs leading the way as the most effective type of content.

If we look at the most successful websites and businesses that dominate Google’s search results, it’s clear that this strategy is working. So, how can your CBD/hemp business benefit from a blog?

Improve SEO

The most straightforward benefit of adding a blog to your CBD business website is increasing visibility in search engines. By adding useful, high-quality blog posts to your website, you will improve its ranking in Google, which means you will get more organic traffic (visitors that find your website by typing a relevant search query into Google).

Build Trust with Customers

The second benefit of running a blog on your CBD company’s website is building trust with your current and future customers. As it happens, CBD is a very confusing substance and most people have questions and concerns about it, such as:

  • The legal status of CBD
  • Whether CBD can make you high
  • Passing marijuana drug tests when taking CBD
  • The potency and safety of CBD products

You can answer these and other concerns by writing blog posts, showing your customers that you care about their health and wellness, are knowledgable about CBD, and follow all of the required practices to offer high-quality, safe CBD products. Taken together, this builds authority and trust with current and potential future customers, making them more likely to choose (and continue using) your CBD products.

Create a Conversation

Another added benefit of a blog is customer engagement. If people are able to leave comments on your blog posts, they can provide useful feedback, ask questions, or simply share their thoughts.

Much like the content itself, this helps create trust between your business and its customers. In addition, comments allow you to get a glimpse at the perspective of your audience, which can help you make improvements to your business. They can also boost SEO

Make your CBD Products Stand Out

Considering the specialized requirements for offering exceptional CBD products, such as advanced extraction methods and third-party testing, the gap between low and high-quality CBD preparations is notable.

As such, you can use blog content to make your products stand out without being pushy. Think about it this way: what’s more effective, telling your customers “buy our CBD oil, it’s the best!” or writing a blog post that explains why third-party testing is crucial to verify you’re getting a potent, safe, high-quality CBD oil, and then mentioning that all your CBD products undergo extensive third-party testing and posting a link to the results.

Social Media Exposure

One last notable benefit of running a blog for your CBD business is social media exposure. If people find your posts useful or interesting, they are likely to share them via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. In doing so, they not only further boost your SEO, but also expose your CBD business to new audiences that you would never reach otherwise.

In addition, you can also share your blog posts on your own social media accounts, further boosting SEO and bringing in new visitors to your website.

Summing Up: Blogging For Your CBD Brand

All in all, blogging is one of the best ways to promote your CBD business. It can not only drive more traffic to your website but also make your existing customers more engaged with your brand. And with new CBD companies appearing almost daily, having a blog is virtually required to stand out from the crowd.

Want to add blog posts to your CBD website to boost organic SEO? I’m a CBD writer, drop me a line.

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