I write about cannabidiol (CBD). Need high-quality SEO content to grow your CBD website? Let’s talk.

gleb oleinik freelance cbd writer

Expert Content to Boost The Visibility Of Your CBD Website

Whether you’re selling CBD products, offering reviews and other valuable information, or working with clients in the CBD space, you need compelling content to attract visitors and stand out from the crowd.

My writing helps CBD websites improve search engine rankings, boost traffic, and build credibility and trust with their audience.

I write articles, blog posts, guides, website copy, product descriptions, and more to demonstrate CBD and cannabis expertise.

My content is made with the audience, brand, and SEO in mind so that it’s tailored to the specific business and its goals.

I also cite research papers to ensure evidence-based information that educates the reader and builds trust.

I can create engaging content on topics such as CBD & cannabis science, research, benefits, products, dosing, manufacturing, third-party testing, terpenes, minor cannabinoids, delta 8, and much more.

CBD Freelance Writing Services

SEO Content Writing

Evidence-based, easy-to-understand CBD blog posts, articles, detailed guides, and other SEO content to boost your online traffic, authority, and engagement.

Website Copy

Powerful and concise static content for your CBD website. Product descriptions, FAQs, category pages, about us, and other content tailored to your goals.

CBD Marketing Agency Writing

Need expert-written content for your clients in the CBD/hemp space? Hire a professional CBD writer experienced in working with digital marketing agencies.


Rotem Amar, VP of Product and Co-Founder, Leafreport

Gleb has written articles, reviews, web copy, and other types of content for us. He’s highly knowledgeable about CBD, pays close attention to detail, and is easy to communicate with. I would recommend Gleb to anyone looking for high-quality content related to CBD.

Vee Popat, Digital Marketer, ColaDigital

Gleb has been amazing to work with over the last year. He is a fantastic cannabis/CBD writer who produces educational and informational articles for some of our clients. Each article has always been thoroughly researched with all facts credited with links to sources. He’s so quick and efficient when articles require edits and always has interesting topic ideas for our content strategy. In short, Gleb rocks.

Claudio Santos, SEO Specialist, CBDShopy

Gleb is my go-to guy for CBD content, he actually researches the required work & delivers readable, easy-to-understand content which as an added bonus is optimized for SEO.

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