CBD Freelance Writing Rates & Prices

My rates are completely transparent. They include not only the writing itself but the understanding of key concepts such as your goals, target audience, brand voice, and SEO. All of my writing is original and based on as much thorough research as possible. When comparing my rates to other writers, consider that you’re not just getting written content but also added value from:

  • Different types of writing tailored to specific goals
  • Advanced understanding of SEO
  • Evidence-based CBD & cannabis expertise
  • Engaging writing that builds trust
  • A professional approach that saves time and incorporates your feedback

CBD content rates

My CBD freelance writing rates are based on the type and length of content since each requires different levels of research, writing time, and collaboration. I use this fixed-fee structure in most cases, so there are no hidden costs. Most of my work is articles, blog posts, and product/brand reviews in the 1200-2200 word range.

Word Length / Content Type<250 250-500 500-800 (short) 800-1200 1.2-1.5k (regular) 1.5-1.8k 1.8-2.2k (long)
Articles, blog posts, press releases, reviewsN/A$200 $280$390$480 $575$700
Website copy & product descriptions$150$200 $260 $380$470 $550$660
Specialized assignmentsN/A N/A N/A N/A N/AN/A$990
  • All prices are in US dollars and can be billed in equivalent local currencies
  • I can provide a precise rate for longer pieces (beyond 2200 words)
  • If you prefer, I can also use a fixed per-word rate
  • Specialized assignments include third-party testing reports, white papers, and other detailed content that requires substantial research, editing, formatting, and collaboration
  • I aim to write the most comprehensive content possible, so my articles are typically closer to the upper end of the range (e.g. 1100 words for an 800-1200 assignment); if I need to go over the word range, I don’t charge extra
  • For Canadian clients, I also have to charge GST/HST ranging from 5% to 15% (based on the province)
  • I may charge a percentage-based rush fee if your project needs to be done quickly (1-3 days)

What’s included in the fixed-fee rates

  • Two rounds of free revisions for every assignment
  • Learning about your business, clients, products, services, and the intent of the content
  • Prompt communication and collaboration via email, Google Doc comments, and other methods
  • Asking and answering questions when needed
  • Following any reasonable instructions that you provide
  • Creating original, search-engine-optimized content and including your desired keywords
  • Linking internally to your other relevant webpages and externally to other non-competitive sites (e.g. news or government sites)
  • Citing research studies when relevant and adding a references list
  • Performing online research and using my deep understanding of the CBD industry and scientific research
  • Using a friendly, professional tone to educate and engage your readers
  • Tailoring the content to your goals and the intended audience
  • Formatting the writing with appropriate headings, lists, and short paragraphs to make it SEO-friendly and easy to read
  • Delivering the work on time

Rates for other types of work

In some cases that don’t fit into my standard fee structure, I may charge an hourly rate. This includes meetings, reviewing or editing content, and other situations without a clear scope of work:

  • $80/h for reviewing or editing your online content
  • $100/h for large projects without a clear scope (e.g. writing content for an entire website)
  • $100/h for CBD consulting, meetings, and any other work not directly related to writing (our initial consultation over email/phone/Zoom/Skype is free)

Other services

I also provide the following freelance services for a small additional fee:

  • Supplying images: I can source images to add to an article. Freely sourced images are $25 per image; images from paid websites such as Shutterstock are $25 per image plus the cost of purchasing it.
  • Extra revisions: The first two rounds of revisions are included in my fixed-fee rates. If you require more than two rounds of revisions or if they’re out of scope (e.g. if you were unclear about the instructions and I have to rewrite some or all of the article), then I will charge 10% of the original price per revision OR 50% if it’s a complete re-write.
  • Posting content directly in WordPress: For an additional $40 fee (per article), I can log in to your WordPress site to format and publish the post directly (assuming I don’t need to do extra work such as adding info to plugins).


The first time that we work together, I will ask for a deposit (25-100%, depending on the size of the project) before beginning the work. Once we know each other, I will invoice you after the assignment is completed and you’re happy with it, or at the end of each month if this is an ongoing project. You can pay by PayPal, Payoneer, electronic funds transfer (Canada), check (Canada), or direct bank transfer.