CBD SEO Writing Services

Grow your website traffic, rise in Google search rankings, build trust and engagement with readers, and boost your authority. I create engaging, evidence-based articles, blog posts, reviews, guides, web copy, product descriptions, and other types of content to meet the unique goals of your CBD business or your clients in the CBD niche.

Research & Knowledge

My writing is backed by scientific research studies and other high-quality sources to make sure it’s factual, educational, and unique. I’m also knowledgeable about the science and industry side of CBD and have used and reviewed many CBD products.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

My goal is to write CBD & cannabis content that people will find helpful while still optimizing for search engines. Many of my articles rank on the first page of Google for the relevant search queries, helping increase your visibility and traffic.

Clear & Concise Writing

My writing is easy to understand and isn’t overly wordy. I translate complex scientific knowledge into plain language to educate your readers and build trust in your brand.

Freelance Writing Expertise

CBD is my main area of expertise, but I also write about cannabis, hemp, kratom, and other dietary supplements. I’ve written for CBD & cannabis brands, dispensaries, cannabis websites and magazines, and CBD review sites.

Articles & Blog Posts (SEO Content)

Blog posts, articles, guides, and other forms of search-engine-optimized content are the cornerstone of any online marketing strategy.

They boost your search engine rankings and traffic, engage customers, and demonstrate your authority in the CBD space.

Most of my content is based on published research studies and other high-quality sources. It’s relevant, easy to understand, and helps both existing and potential customers connect with your brand.

I can write both bylined (attributed to me) and ghostwritten content.

Boost organic search rankings and traffic

Engage and connect with new and existing customers

Improve your reputation, authority, and credibility

Web Copy & Product Descriptions

Your website needs to have clear, actionable, and compelling copy that engages your readers and converts them into customers.

I write FAQs, about us pages, product and category descriptions, and other types of static site content that educates readers and describes your CBD products and services.

My writing is not salesy and focuses on the practical benefits and selling points of your brand.

Authentic copy that informs and compels to action

Highlight the strengths of your products and brand

Convert readers into customers

CBD Digital Marketing Agency Writing

Have clients in the CBD niche? Want to expand your content marketing services? I can create easy-to-understand, evidence-based CBD articles, blog posts, guides, website copy, and more tailored specifically for individual clients.

I’ve written for many digital marketing agencies with clients in the CBD/hemp space. Save time and money to offer expert-written content that’s ready to be published.

Expert-written, client-ready CBD content

Tailored to the client’s needs and specifications

Reviewing & Editing

Your online content needs to explain complex information in a clear and easy-to-understand way. This is even more true when it comes to CBD, which is a confusing substance for most people.

Your copy also needs to be accurate, engaging, search-engine-optimized, and compliant with FDA and FTC regulations (many CBD businesses have received warning letters from the FDA due to issues with medical health claims).

I can review your content and provide advice on how you can improve it. I can also directly edit your content. This includes SEO-related improvements such as custom meta descriptions, internal linking, and optimizing titles and headings.

Explain complex information about CBD in a simple manner

Compliance with FDA and FTC regulations for marketing CBD

Search engine optimization

Detailed Assignments

I can also write content according to detailed requirements.

This includes quotable press releases, whitepapers, detailed reports that require in-depth research and data gathering, and other types of content that help your brand stand out and position itself as an authority in the CBD space.

I can also create info tables, source images and add videos, and do basic photo editing in Photoshop.

Extensive research and data gathering

Adding tables, images, videos

The Benefits of my writing

Whether it’s an article, website copy, or another form of written content, your audience is looking for engaging, helpful information that’s easy to read. My writing supports your SEO strategy and helps you rank in Google. It also builds trust with readers and helps turn them into customers.

How my freelance CBD writing makes your life easier

I help CBD and cannabis brands, magazines, review websites, digital marketing agencies, and anyone else working in this exciting field. Aside from creating compelling content, I make your life easier by:

  • Learning about your business to tailor the content to your precise needs and context
  • Following any specific instructions you might have
  • Providing fixed-fee rates for all work
  • Using best SEO practices to help you rank in Google
  • Writing and formatting in a reader and SEO-friendly way
  • Providing up to two rounds of free revisions
  • Linking internally to other relevant pages on your site
  • Citing research studies when relevant and linking to external, non-competitive sites
  • Communicating and collaborating in a friendly, professional, and flexible manner

Examples of my work

  • Blog posts about a specific topic, such as the difference between full-spectrum CBD and isolate
  • Detailed articles/guides (2,000-10,000+ words) about CBD topics such as research, dosing, product types, and administration methods
  • CBD product descriptions (CBD oil, capsules, creams, vape juice & pens, gummies & other edibles, skincare products, isolates, beverages, etc.)
  • Website copy for your company (FAQs, about us page, education sections, etc.)
  • Detailed CBD industry reports that examine third-party test results and other insightful data
  • Research-backed articles about cannabis (medical uses, research, history, and other topics)
  • Unbiased, detailed CBD, delta 8, and minor cannabinoid product and brand reviews that focus on practical strengths and weaknesses

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